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travel photo sites

Had a piece featured on photoburst today-

I also have some new work on

Both sites have a lot of great travel photography from different photographers. worth checking out.

link of the week

Michael Ackerman is one of my favorite photographers of all time. I finally came across a decent online representation of his work via his agency (agencevu). If nothing else click through his series on Poland and Varanasi (end time city)-

Michael Ackerman

polaroid link

Just discovered a great polaroid site-

They sell a lot of older polaroid cameras/films plus they have a limited stock of the new SX-70 film (created to replace the discontinued time-zero film).


The Holi festival of colors

The boston globe published an unbelievable series of photos of the Holi festival of colors today. The Holi festival is a Hindu holiday that celebrates the welcoming of spring.

festival of colors

link of the week

I just recently discovered the website for the Richard Avedon foundation. Richard Avedon died on assignment in 2004. Since then the Richard Avedon foundation has been established. I think their website has a more complete and cohesive collection of his work than anything online when he was alive. Here’s the link-


Silent World by Michael Kenna

I’ve been looking at the work of Michael Kenna. I saw a book of his Japanese landscapes years ago and I recently stumbled upon more of his stuff. What’s amazing about his photos have this lonely haunting feel no matter what the subject matter. His photos of New York city are in the same style as his shots of natural landscapes.

His website can be seen here

A more simple/organized page of his work here

Photo Link

I’ve been very into this series that photographer Lane Collins shot recently. She shot a lot of surreal looking photos by the beach using different object/animals etc… The series is conceptually abstract and all the photos have a really nice feel about them-

alchemy series

Print Store

I’ve had a lot of people e-mailing me the last couple weeks asking about prints. So I finally set up a print store-

Smaller prints are as low as $18 each. I tried to keep the prices as low as possible so they’d be accessible to anyone. The printing is done through a separate company (redbubble). I’ve seen the results and they do a really beautiful job. I only have a small selection up right now but I’ll be adding more soon. And if there’s anything you’d like to see for sale just ask.