Two new features for Microshiner out this month

The first on cold weather cocktails written and styled by Suzanne Lenzer. The second on New York’s Prohibition distillery Written by Monica Racic. Full articles here-




microshiner_01 microshiner_02 microshiner_03 microshiner_04 microshiner_05microshiner_14microshiner_15 microshiner_06 microshiner_07 microshiner_08 microshiner_09 microshiner_10 microshiner_11 microshiner_12 microshiner_13




phobjika_01 phobjika_02

temple kickballphobjika_03



kids in costume for the black neck crane festivalphobjika_04The farm houses

phobjika_05 phobjika_06 phobjika_07 phobjika_08 phobjika_09 phobjika_10 phobjika_11 phobjika_12 phobjika_13 phobjika_14 phobjika_15

The Gasa Dzong. On our road trip through the districts

gasa_01 gasa_02 gasa_03 gasa_04 gasa_05 gasa_06

he wanted to try on my sunglassesgasa_07

Signe (our journalist) with a monkgasa_08

Monks doing constructiongasa_09

TORRES DEL PAINE W TREK // PATAGONIA piece for sidetracked magazine

Recently Published article on Torres Del Paine national park for Sidetracked, an adventure travel magazine. Article was written by Monica Racic and photographed by me. Full article here -

Feature l’officiel voyage

I have a newly published travel feature on Chefchaouen Morocco in the very first issue of l’officiel voyage (Brasil). It’s really blue

Artisan popsicles

Cherry pineapple, watermelon basil, and blackberry lime. Developed and styled by Judi Orlick

watermelon basil popsicle

blackberry lime popsicle


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